Vitamins Herbs Supplements: Why Are They Good For You?

In the trending market of today’s urbanized and modern society, millennia of using herbs and vitamin supplements have already existed in the ancient ages. It was used for curing diseases, illnesses, and dysfunction during the archaic times, however; it was in the form of medications such as capsules and etc. In later years, the founding of the modern pharmacology is where the epoch of vitamins and herbal supplements began to have been more renovated and micronized in form. These structures now have been updated in forms of nano-sized tablets, organic tea bags, capsules and etc. providing the best product and alternative to optimize health and natural biological functions. Yet the problem is whether we are choosing the natural and organic ones.

When you search for herbs and vitamins on the internet, books, and magazines there are many benefits that you can take and probably know of. It can be vitamins and its benefits, or the other; however, it’s rare to find writings related to the benefits of both, essentially in a larger view. Moreover, each herb and vitamin has a specific area of specialty to offer essential nutrition and supplement in your body either to maintain or fight against any form of imminent and sudden health crisis; however, they work hand in hand. We inquire, why are vitamins and herb supplements good for you, anyway? There are tons of reasons, range from a great number of herbs to vitamins. But consider these three Ps.

Physiological health. There are many advantages and physical benefits that herbs and vitamin supplements can provide you with, biologically. It helps promote vitality and growth and prevents the onset of various diseases and conditions. From simple colds to heart-related problems and even some particular cancer. These reviving supplements keep you at your highest pace, keeping you healthy and at your maximum! Bones are also major structures in the body in which these supplements maximize and maintain their strength and sturdiness. There’s still a chance to inhibit the occurrence of osteoporosis, arthritis and fragile bones. Aging is also a normal process for declination but it can be regulated and controlled by these supplements, with some vitamins like C, E and etc. and herbs like Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Lavender which keeps your skin glowing and look radiant. The good stuff just keeps on coming.

Psychological health. If these such herbs and vitamin supplements have physical benefits, they also have mental benefits like enhancement of memory, cognition, and alertness. It sustains the brain’s biological function that eases tension, worry, and episodic disorders. Some research suggests these supplements uplifts down moods –like depression, stress, anxiety and etc.

Protection against threats. If you’re healthy, then you can be alert and responsive to your fight or flight sympathetic nervous activation. Not only can you lower the probability of the invasion of bacteria, viruses, and antibodies. But be conscious and strategic to real threats in the workplace, home, people and other areas that consume you and overwhelm you. Studies claim that you exercise self-care (like being equipped with herbs and vitamin supplements) you are with yourself, the higher chance of you to fight everyday problems including mental and physical fatigue, and diseases.

But before everything else, consider choosing those natural and organic vitamins and herbs supplements. Many in the market sell these organic herbs and vitamins, we just have to properly look for them. If it makes you feel any better, think of it as the “old times” or the traditional way, where people get specific herbs directly taken from their backyard garden and then apply it to an area in their body needed or make tea, hence, the results are more expected. It works fast rather than the processed ones. Further, because our aim is to be healthy and not the other way around, picking these “instants” can rather harm us instead of improvising our health, most especially with the pressures the current environment we live in. It’s wise to practice being organic and choosing raw.

Vitamins and herbs supplements are also important for one’s diet and health. As the market is nowadays growing readily to sell certain natural herbs and vitamins which are the best ones to look for. Making sure that what we have on our shelves is organic makes the elaborated and discussed three p’s benefits in existence and actuality. Everything including physical, mental and, external and internal threats are what composes and crosses our life daily. Now, being armed and ready for battle is supported by including these natural vitamins and herbs supplements in one’s diet. In a world getting more instant, choose what’s natural and healthy.